How To Pose For A Wedding Image?……

Wedding is the most auspicious event in the life of a man and woman when two souls become unite and they become the companions of each and every moment of life. It is a memorable event and it is recalled by the concerning people every year when their wedding anniversary comes.

So it is the desire of every couple to capture these beautiful moments so that they could preserve it and remind it whenever they would like. Photography is considered the important part of a wedding and it has developed into a style that the people prefer now the portrait of their wedding too.

This portrait makes them remember their wedding event all the life so it is demanded that the wedding portrait should be in the matchless pose to enhance its beauty.

Natasha at Cardiff Wedding Photography explains that to make the wedding portrait marvelous, some poses or postures are recommended by the experts.

They say that if a little bit planning is done while having a portrait then you can have the positive results. These suggested poses are as follows,


1. While posing for your wedding portrait, you must avoid talking. Because talking during having portrait may distort your facial expressions and you can lose the sharpness of features so you must avoid talking. A relax and calm posture paves the way for good portrait.

2. Groom embrace from behind is considered a signature pose. It looks very nice when the groom holds his bride from behind and the bride holds flower stems in her hands. Both the people used to lean against wall and their cheeks touch each other’s face. This pose is considered the best for having a nice and remarkable wedding portrait. It is the most admired posed too for wedding portraits.

3. Another pose is considered for the wedding portrait most often and in this pose the groom grasps his arm around the back of the bride. They face each other and they give the impression of little kissing. This is a romantic pose but people like to include it as their wedding portrait.


4. You have often seen the wedding portraits of the people in which they were residing on a bench. Some people articulate that it is not a pretense. But it is a pose actually in which both the partners sit on a love bench facing each other and they are viewed from the back. In this wedding portrait, painter captures this love moment from the back.

5. While having a wedding portrait, the bride should not keep her arms straight because it gives a bulky look so he should hold something like flowers if she is having a portrait facing straight with the groom.


6. The people who are so romantic, they consider to have their wedding portrait in this posture in which the bride is in a falling position and groom is in a leaning position. Groom leans to kiss the neck of the bride and bride holds her hands around his back. It looks dramatic but many people love to have this portrait.

These are a few poses that are suggested by the experts but it depends basically on the couples that what type of wedding portrait they want or like.

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