Why Do Men Always Cry About Housework?!!!

It’s just a small percentage of men who are very reliable when it comes to household chores or housework. Most of them would prefer to work in the office or in the site than do repeated chores in the house every day.


Unluckily, it’s in the DNA of men that cleaning, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and looking after the children is not for them.

In addition, unlike women, men cannot do multitasking; their intellect can only used to focus on one chore, the reason why they cannot manage doing several jobs at a time.

And the very reason is that, they are afraid other men will get to know that they are doing the jobs at home and the chores of the women.

men housework

At some sort, this might sound embarrassing to them and lower their pride.

These are some of the reasons why men really hates to do housework and thinking that they are being tortured when assigned with some.

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