8 Poison Free Ways To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Home…..

Mice are unwelcome guests that are common to find in many households.

They bring with them a lot of damage ranging from the physical damage they inflict on anything they lay their teeth on to the embarrassment they leave behind after dashing across your house.

You can imagine my embarrassment when to my horror I spotted a little mouse, dashing across the kitchen. I immediately contacted the services of rodent control San Jose, who very quickly attended my property and took care of the problem.

Although the service was very reliable and affordable it done come at a cost, which is why I started to look into ways to get rid of mice DIY style!

Poisoning them is the most common reflexive action taken by man to get rid of the mice but that is never the case if you have little kids with you in the house; they could equally be poisoned.

This does not mean that you should bring up your kids in the company of mice as several alternatives exist.

Killer Cat?


A well proven method to get rid of mice is to bring in a cat with a killer instinct and rely on it to eat up the mice. This method is also great for those people who cannot stand the site of dead mice in their sight.

Snap Traps


Snap traps get rid of the mice by deceiving them to feed on the bait only to trigger the trap an cause their own death. Electric types of traps have also been developed recently to avoid the challenge of having to deal with dead mice.

For this method to be effective, set up at least six traps and preferably use different types of traps.If the rats are not too many and their routes of entry have been identified, chasing away the identified mice and sealing their entry routes with high quality copper steel wool also gets rid of the mice.

Manipulate Their Smell


It is easy to get rid of the mice by manipulating their extremely sensitive sense of smell, set up strategic points of cotton wool soaked in peppermint oil that mice perceives as an offensive smell and drive away. This is also the mode of action of cloves which are perceived as super disgusting smell by the mice.

If you cannot find any of the above modalities, you might not miss some old dryer sheets that have lost their nice smell they possessed while they were new. The old smell drives mice away.

Aluminum Foil Rolls


Aluminum foil rolls can be laid down in strategic places within the house to get rid of the mice by creating a slippery path and a scary noise once they are stepped up on.It might as well turn out that you are not talented in getting rid of mice and your only way out is to hire a professional mouse exterminator to clean up the mess for you at a fee.

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